What's more important than the quality of a window is its budgeting. The right budgeting is very essential in order to ensure that the customer gets the best quality along-with the best price.

With a very efficient Tendering and Budgeting department, we can undertake complete budget analysis for any particular project. Based on customer requirements, our engineers can suggest the best possible Window System delivered with the best quality, and within the price budget of the customer. This is possible due to efficient value engineering systems which are devised by our in-house Design and Development team.

Design and Calculations

India is a fast growing and emerging market. The requirement in Real Estate is increasing with each passing day. Major cities in India are now growing skywards. Cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune already have a large number of skyscrapers.
The higher the level above the ground, the more is the Wind Load. Wind Load plays a vital importance in the efficiency and durability of a window.
For instance, a window on the 50th Floor of a building needs to be designed in accordance to sustain the wind load at that height.
With our in-house Design and Calculation Department, we provide efficient facility of doing the Wind Load Calculations for a project. The WLC report will show exactly whether the designed Window System is compatible for the specified wind load or not.


After designing a particular window system, selecting the right materials and doing the necessary calculations required; the stage of manufacturing and installation beckons. Only the right manufacturing and installation procedures can seamlessly convert a theoretically perfect window system into reality.
With 95% of our machinery imported from Europe, we can validly boast about providing the best in quality fabricated windows. Along-with a newfangled manufacturing setup, we also have a well-trained installation team following all the standard installation procedures and abiding to all safety norms.


Test performance of a Window System is very important to judge right design. Testing is of two types: Laboratory Testing and On-Field Testing. Having affiliations with world-renowned laboratories, Alcob delivers complete performance testing solutions. All tests are performed abiding to the internationally accepted standards like AAMA. Performance tests include Wind Load Test to check the wind sustainability of the system and Water Infiltration Test.
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