The Sleek and Silver: Aluminium Window Systems

Alcob gives high consideration to the design requirements and the customers' personal needs. The window systems developed are comfortable, strong, consist of an environmentally friendly material and economical.

According to the weather and construction requirements of the Indian Subcontinent, Alcob supplies various opening styles, such as horizontally sliding, outward-opening and tilt and turn window and door systems.

Casement Window Systems

Trying to shut out all the cacophony of the street and yet enjoy an urban setting? In a high rise building, noise can take many forms. It could be the constant whine of aircrafts engines, maddening mix of traffic, loudspeakers or the blast of your neighbour's television set.

In modern cars, you shut out noise by rolling up your window. But if it is even partially open, all the noise comes right in. Casement systems are here to shield the cacophony. They provide better sound insulation as compared to slider systems. Product performance varies according to design, specifications and other environmental factors.

Sliding Windows

Air conditioners cost a fortune to run. The cost goes up when you shift to back-up power, which is even more expensive. You can reduce this expenditure by nearly 30% simply by switching to Alcob.

Wall units can be converted into window units, reducing noise and letting in more light. Alcob Sliding Windows provide multiple benefits of lower costs, noise free living and ample amount of natural lighting.

Bay Windows

Wooden windows require cross members to support their frames due to their lack of inherent strength. These cross members obstruct sunlight.

Alcob Aluminium Windows give way to ample amounts of sunlight and nothing to obstruct the view.

There's nothing more therapeutic than wonderful sights of nature opening out through your window.

Special Shape Windows

With various shapes and sizes to choose from, Alcob offers windows that rise from the floor to the ceiling, span balconies; bay windows with combinations of three or more openings projecting outwards with the option of glass-to-glass open joints; arched windows; tilt and turn windows; fixed picture postcard windows; as well as combinations of casements and sliders.

Door Types

An ideal system for modern day homes, a sliding door system is a perfect window solution for balconies in living rooms, bedrooms or sit-outs. A perfect system ensuring ample amount of light in your room as well as a grand spacious look to it.

Our sliding door systems are designed for sizes up to 3.0m height. With state-of-the-art European hardware, these systems are a combination of grand looks, ease in operation, and safety.

Broadened Avenues, Broadened Perspectives: uPVC Window Systems

uPVC (Un-plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride) is one of the upcoming materials being used for windows in India. With advantages like robustness, durability, sound proof, and thermal insulation, uPVC is definitely on its way to gaining more popularity in Window Systems.

At Alcob, we have an association with one of the leading European uPVC profile manufacturing companies. Using a combination of European profiles with the new-fangled hardware to go with it, our uPVC window systems provide the best in class solutions as per customer needs.

Casement Window Systems

A universal system to make inward opening and outward opening windows Compatible glazing and gasket structure accepts glass from 5mm - 24mm Co-extruded glazing bead with lips makes tight sealant and easy-working on assembly Outstanding advantage for it is economic

Casement Window Systems

Slim but highly reliable, functional, 3-chambered profile Lead-free uPVC profiles stabilised with eco-friendly Calcium Zinc formulation Accepts glass thickness between 5mm – 20mm

Sliding Window Systems

Mainly used for big size partition door solution, or big windows in rigorous surroundings Glass possibility from 5mm - 24mm Lead free – Calcium-Zinc formulation

Sliding Window Systems

A very successful horizontal sliding system in China and other Asian countries Slope rebate of frame assist to drain out water quickly Co-extruded sash and glazing bead with lips makes the tight sealant and easy-working on assembly Provision of mosquito net either interior or exterior Lead free – Calcium-Zinc formulation

Tilt and Turn Systems

Tilt and turn window/door system Pre-positioned thermal chamber gives excellent insulation Slope rebate helps to drain out water Lead free – Calcium-Zinc formulation

Lift and Slide Door Systems

Excellent performance sliding door system Max. Sash Width – 2700mm and Max. Sash Height 2700mm Glass thickness of 12mm - 36mm can be accommodated Maximum wind pressure withstanding capability Multipoint locking function enhances the safety performance

Slide and Fold Systems

All door elements can be folded to save space and can be pushed to the side over a total frame width of up to 6m Fold & Slide doors give you generous and – where needed – barrier-free access to terraces, conservatories, conference rooms, guest rooms or business rooms Besides being equally suited to use as room dividers, hotels and catering establishments, Fold & Slide systems are also being increasingly used in homes

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