Our Vision:

In view of the continuous technological advancement and changing parameters, we strive to better ourselves with every project and execution, without getting complacent.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to supply outstanding window service and solutions through dedication and excellence.

Alcob Assets

High Wind Load Performance
High wind load performance can bring you calm days even during typhoons. The installation of Alcob windows has been very successful.

Water Tightness
Alcob windows do not allow any water leakage, no matter how heavy the rainstorm is. Even on the coastline, they have proven their window and water tightness.

Long Life & Maintenance Free
Alcob windows do not draw any maintenance costs. They do not rot or corrode even in tropical and coastal weather conditions. Alcob window systems require minimal maintenance to keep frames in top conditions.

Sound Insulation
The noise level especially in areas with heavy traffic (e.g. near airports) can be considerably decreased by combining the uPVC profiles with specially insulating glass panes.

Air Tightness
The scientific design of Alcob windows avoids the penetration of outdoor dust, air and noise.

Alcob windows are fitted with security hardware, burglar proof glass and locking handles to prevent most burglaries.

Designed for Extreme Weather Conditions
Alcob windows are subject to extreme weather conditions viz. extensive cold, salty sea air, long storm periods and intensive exposure to sunlight and are highly resistant for these weather conditions.

Fire Retardant
Alcob uPVC windows do not support combustion and are in fact, self-extinguishing. The profile compound possesses a fire retardant quality that meets international guidelines.

Thermal Insulation
Alcob windows have been tried and tested in tropical and cold areas. Outstanding thermal insulation distinctly realises a lot of energy saving both in cold and warm weather.

Greenline: Lead-Free uPVC Windows

Our unique environment solution, Greenline, is a lead-free stabiliser included at no extra cost in every window and door.

Stabilised with Greenline, our uPVC windows turn even more environment friendly and also contribute to sustainability. In addition, they provide low maintenance, extreme durability, high sound and thermal insulation values, and extreme durability, all together at a great value.

At Alcob, we deliver not only the highest quality systems, but also systems that are responsible, sustainable and environment friendly.

The start of a whole new era in window manufacture
Greenline is a lead-free stabiliser included in our uPVC formula to provide high-quality window profiles that meet tomorrow's environmental standards today. By choosing this advanced generation of uPVC windows, you have also chosen to support a more environment friendly and sustainable material.

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